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Welcome to the website of Baseline Investments Limited, a UK private company. Baseline Investments operates in the areas of Investments, Consulting and Education.


Investments operations involve advising small enterprises in areas of valuation analysis, value creation and analysing specific business investments. To learn more, click here.


Consulting is to small and medium enterprises who require an external view in the areas of business strategy, marketing analysis, cost analysis,  product evaluation and corporate financial analysis. To learn more, click here.


Education operations involves the provision of business and managament related training and development to small and medium enterprises, with particular focus on Finance, Economics, Marketing, Accounting and Management. To learn more, click here.

 It was all right to talk about it. They made plans. They had a moment's vision, a fleeting dream. But in the end, some lack in their moral fiber, some gnawing, nibbling fear held them back. They never started. They stayed where they were. They dropped back. They failed somehow to release within themselves that power which lies in every individual, and is released only when he starts forward in a straight line for the object about which he has dreamed. The man who never starts, never feels that sense of power.

Ray Dickinson
Cowards Never Started

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